After You, a web series


With a touch of loony romance thrown in for good measure.

Now on YouTube.


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The critics are talking!

“A Theatre Near U may just have fired the first shot in a revolution to determine the future of Youth Theatre”
– Harry Duke, Member of Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

“[A Theatre Near U company members] are the adult performers of the future and some could very well be stars”
– Richard Connema,

“And what fine actors [A Theatre Near U company members] all are. I was actually blown away by their heartfelt passion and devotion to the development of this musical”
– Charles Jarrett, 20 year member of the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

A Beautiful Glass takes a serious subject, and comes at it from all sides helping to both put things into a more accepting perspective, and driving home a message of hope, even in the face of despair. In the end, it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty. It’s beautiful, and so is this production.”                                                                                               – Ande Jacobson, A Good Reed Review