Taking a BOW“A Theatre Near U was a singular theatrical experience. A unique process, it gave me the privilege of becoming a part of the creation of a new and exciting work from its inception, having access to superb personal coaching, and working closely with a great many talented peers who, over the course of the season, became family. It was, truly, a profound pleasure and honor to be a part of ATNU.” – Aaron Slipper, Harvard University

“A Theatre Near U is a wonderful theatre company. They put on professional quality shows with amazing performances by young local actors and there is an incredible amount of passion and heart that goes into their productions. They are an invaluable addition to our community.” – Shayan Hooshmand, Gunn High School

A Theatre Near U has given me a running start in my acting journey. ATNU provided me the unique, invaluable experience of originating the role of Alice in the company’s original musical Body of Water. As opportunities to workshop and perform in original works are almost nonexistent at the high school level, ATNU provides high school theatre students like myself an invaluable glimpse into the professional process of creating an original work. I know I can apply everything I have learned at ATNU to my pursuit of theatre in college and beyond.” – Alia Cuadros-Contreras, Palo Alto High School

“The filmmaking course provided me with deep insight on the true meaning of visual storytelling, allowing me to explore even more techniques and ideas to further improve my filmmaking experience.” – Juan Santos, Gunn High School

“The filmmaking workshop greatly added to my understanding of film. I was given invaluable information for a future world of film. It is a great course for aspiring filmmakers and actors.” – Robert Vetter, Palo Alto High School

The filmmaking workshop reached and even surpassed my expectations. It is for the individual who is interested in expanding their acting and directing talents into film.” – Gil Weissman, Palo Alto High School

‘Twas Brillig and A Beautiful Glass have both been highlights of my life, and have opened my eyes creatively in ways I didn’t know were possible. Before working with the two of you (Tanna & Tony), theatre just seemed to be a song and dance type of thing, but it was with you where I learned how to experiment and explore, and for that I am eternally thankful.” – Atticus Shaindlin, Carnegie Mellon Musical Theatre